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I'm a Designer, Researcher
& leader of creative people. 
What I do
UX Strategies & Processes:



Guiding & aligning design teams across the company



 Implementing user research in agile development



Using Design Thinking techniques to solve business problems 

User Personas

Representing different types of users with their specific needs & concerns.


Journey Map

Visualizing processes users go through, friction

points & opportunities  

   Latest Case Studies:   

Redesign Case Study: 

Flight booking app

Improving the app's flight booking capabilities, from collecting initial feedback to solutionizing. 

App Creation Case Study: 

Travel Arranger tool  

End-to-end design process of the myCWT tool for Travel Arrangers in CWT

Design Thinking Case Study: 

Support Process 

An example of how we used a Design Thinking workflow to solve our support process and meet user needs. ​

   Recent Projects:  


myCWT Mobile App 

​myCWT populates users' travel information, helps to book company-preferred travel, and provides real-time flight notifications, including delays, cancellations and gate changes, for all major airlines.


myCWT Web Portal  

​This website is the the gateway for corporate travelers, which serves as a hub for all travel-related topics. From this site, travelers can book travel, get support from CWT and manage their trips. 


Chat Service 

A new channel for travelers to contact CWT agents that is available in multiple platforms, including an agent-facing platform. 



FixSomething is a photo-sharing puzzle game, in which the user sends a photo to his rival in form of a puzzle, combined with obstacles. The opponent then has to solve it before being able to save the photo. 


AT&T Connect 

The iPad and iPhone applications for Connect were designed to allow a user to host and attend conferences outside the office. In this project, I translated the PC product into a mobile experience.

Want to hear more?

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